Improve Health Through Naturopathy - Ensure That The Body Functions Perfectly From Birth To Old Age

A number of techniques for diagnosing and healing diseases have existed over the years. One such method is called Naturopathy. As the name suggests, this method involves the use of natural herbs and natural techniques and in no way subjects the body to any harm. Diagnosis and healing done through these methods are achieved through a number of non conventional techniques such as fasting, lymphatic drainage, hydrotherapy (water treatments), deep tissue massage, iris diagnosis or iridology, vitamins, exercises, correction of posture, reflexology and homeopathy etc.

This method of healing and diagnosis leads a person to a better quality of life and health. The transition from conventional medicines to Naturopathy can be witnessed almost immediately once the herbs have started to be consumed by the person. Diagnosis through Naturopathy can be done by the following methods, tongue, blood and urine tests, blood pressure, palpitation, symptomology and Iridology. Iridology or Iris Diagnosis is a method of diagnosis by observing certain characteristics of the iris - the coloured part of the eye. These are the basic diagnostic techniques that are in use in natural medicine.

There are three basic philosophies on which this method of healing is based. They are as follows:
Principle one states that the body possesses the power to heal and repair itself through its natural processes. This is the most important philosophy in Natural Medicine because Naturopathy only creates an environment favorable for natural growth and repair of the body's cells.

Principle two defines disease as, a manifestation that is capable of obstructing the normal working of tissues and organs. Treatment through Naturopathy aims to combat these diseases by removing the source of the problem. This can be anything from basic muscle and ligament problems such as stiff joints, muscle tension, pinched nerves or an imbalance of the body chemicals such as in the lungs and kidneys. Stress is also a factor in disease.

Principle three states that Naturopathy has its effects on the entire body and not a localized region or organ of the body. Each body may react in a different way and thus Naturopathy is a wholistic approach. The response may vary based on the body's stress level, history of pre-existing medical conditions and tendencies that may have been inherited or genetic in nature.

Naturopathy is a complete approach to wellness through addressing physical, mental and biochemical imbalances. Studies have shown that depression relapses in people who were treated with anti-depressants, while people treated with natural procedures have undergone much more stable outcomes.